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The Initiative

The business of storytelling affects the reality

Content Creation is like any manufacturing activity. The environmental impacts of filmmaking involve energy consumption, waste generation, air pollution, greenhouse gas emissions and physical disruptions on location.

We have realized the only way to affect this growing crisis is personal action – it is what we consume as individuals and how we produce as corporations.

Zee Is Green

Zee is Green, is an initiative that is developing the next generation of production practices that put people and profits in sync with the planet.

Our mission is to raise awareness, build capacity and foster the widespread adoption of economically viable, environmentally restorative and socially constructive processes.

We aim to identify, quantify, offset and ultimately reduce the climate change and sustainability impacts of our advertising & media production, distribution and supply chain practices.

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CEO's Message

Creating eco wealth is the way forward for all enterprises. We aim to cut our carbon emissions by 10 % in the coming year through our operations.

-Punit Goenka, CEO & MD, ZEE Entertainment Enterprise Ltd.

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Green Transformation

Creating An Environment-Friendly Sets On &TV’s Ganga.

Green Transformation

Creating An Environment-Friendly Sets On &TV’s Ganga.

Green Transformation

Creating An Environment-Friendly Sets On &TV’s Ganga.

Green Transformation

Creating An Environment-Friendly Sets On &TV’s Ganga.

Green Guide

  • Green Film Making


    A Way Of Producing Your Content, Causing Minimum Impact On The Environment.

    Filmmaking is like all other manufacturing activities. It results in a lot of fuel use, electricity consumption, manpower, raw materials like camera, film processing machines, lights, high-end computers and also produces large landfill waste.

  • Pre-Production

    It’s The Digital Age, Time To Get Online

    Communicate digitally and reduce paper usage by printing double-sided and copying only what is necessary. While printing paper, use eco-fonts for printing as it consumes 33% lesser ink than regular fonts. Also set all computers, printers and monitors to power-saving mode and unplug chargers for mobile phones and other equipment when not in use.

  • Production

    Recycle. Reuse. Rebuild The Earth

    Designate a recycling center and provide carts for bottles/cans/scrap wood and paper. Designate one area for large scrap-wood that can be used for future builds. Reuse set materials from past productions, whenever possible and use as less adhesive as possible. Call salvage companies for set materials such as flats, sinks, cabinets etc. Ask your vendor if they stock Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Did you know you could save 1000 batteries from going to landfill every month depending upon the scale of your production?

  • Waste Segregation

    Three-Bin Segregation Policy To Handle Disposal Effectively

    We have adopted a three-bin segregation policy to ensure that all waste from the sets is disposed of effectively. One bin is for Plastic Bottles only, the second is for all Food Waste, and the third is for managing all other waste as hazardous waste must be handled carefully at all times. In the long run, we are looking at creating a more robust five-bin policy.

  • Water Management

    Each Drop Of Water Is Crucial. Use It Well.

    Proper management of water resources is key on the sets. We are encouraging use of RO filtration system supported by able water coolers. This drastically reduces the wastage of water as opposed to when it is counted by the jug. This measure helps in lowering carbon emissions associated with transport of to-and-fro of these bottles. As of right now, we have imposed a TDS WATER meter on the sets of Gangaa and this will be followed through across all other sets.

What's next?

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